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Posted on: July 1, 2012 1:51 pm

5 aryan brotherhood generals smashed into dust

Now that we've easily and effortlessly wiped out the 5 aryan brotherhood of Texas generals off of the face of freedom forever, I'm going headhunting....if you know what we mean. Bilderbergers and Illuminati humans take note: if you are on the roof when I come, don't come down. There will be two in the bed, I will take one and leave the other. <br />NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST ME SHALL EVER PROSPER BY THE OUTSTRETCHED ARM OF THE LORD OF HOSTS.<br /><br />GREATER IS HE(THE FATHER, THE WORD(JESUS CHRIST), AND THE HOLY GHOST) WHO IS IN ME, THAN he WHO IS IN THE WORLD.   <br /><br /><br />You come at me with aryans hate groups, guns, knives, and other idiots, but I COME AT YOU WITH THE SWORD OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. <br /><br />I have an unfair advantage over you, and now, please allow me to demonstrate the type of power that I really possess. <br /><br />This is round one of a 15 round title fight, and 5 generals were already knocked out in the 1st rd...and that was from a defensive posture. I am on the attack now.  May the Lord of Hosts damn your souls, in Jesus Christ's Name, Prayer, and Blood.  <br /><br /><br />Next time, if there is a next time for you illuminati swine and all of your allies, take heed to whom you toil with. You never know if you are attacking an angel in disguise.  <br /><br />I told you, you ignorant illuminati monkeys, you have no power over the Anointed.  Even now, I am watching all of you systematically being decimated by the Lord of Hosts and Jesus Christ. The BLOOD OF YESHUA IS AGAINST YOU, AND BY MY FAITH, THE GRACE OF GOD SMOTES YE DOWN INTO SMALL DUST. <br /><br /><br />I told you that the art of modern warfare is INFORMATION. I have over 253 million Christians at my disposal, willing to do anything that I tell them to, no matter how ridiculous or insane, merely because I command it in Jesus Christ's Name. This is just in America, I have ppl working the other continents.  This isn't even a fair fight for you poor fools. Your power comes from money, our power comes from JESUS CHRIST. SELAH.   <br /><br /><br />The year is 2012, so, you tell me:<br /><br /><br />WHO IS THE PUPPET HERE, AND WHO IS THE PUPPET MASTER.  THE ALL-SEEING EYE OF HORUS IS MY FOOTSTOOL AND OVER IT I CAST OUT MY SHOE AND TAKE ITS FOLLOWERS AND MAKE THEM AS DUNG ON THE EARTH. SELAH.

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