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Posted on: October 11, 2012 6:19 am

Biden ko's Ryan at debate

Okay, here we go. First thing, Paul Ryan is a liar, a habitual liar, a swindler, and he is an arrogant fool that has several moral and character flaws. Here's how to break him down into simpler matter, then digest him, and pass him forth into the latrine, Joe.

1. Paul Ryan is a union sympathist. Expose this:  Ryan broke with his own party, the g.o.p  and voted to uphold the Davis-Bacon Act, which protects union wages on federally funded projects.  Republicans have been pushing to repeal Davis-Bacon for years. They say that it benefits unions at the expense of taxpayers.  Plus, as recently as February 2012, Ryan joined 47 other Republicans and 185 Democrats to oppose overturning Davis-Bacon, defeating the repeal bill.

2.  Attack Paul Ryan's "forcible rape" bill and his ties with Todd Akin. In fact, he was quoted as saying he is very proud of his very proud of his radical pro-life, "take away what little rights women have to their own body" positions.  You gotta go for the jugular with this one. It is imperative to get the women voters in America enraged at Paul Ryan and his desire to ban abortion, and even birth control, which he WILL do, if Vice President.  This nut is radically extreme in his "pro life" stance that even incest and rape do not give a woman a right to an abortion.  He is pro "medically uneccesary transvaginal ultrasound", which, by FBI law, is rape.  Anything that goes into a woman's vagina without her consent is rape.  Paul Ryan wants personhood to begin at the point of conception, which is insane.

3.  Paul Ryan voted for TARP....'nuff said.

mitt romney and barack obama are related. spanish blood royal family........jk! Anywho, back to business:

4.  Bowhunter talks various jibberish about his medicare plan, and the reality is that his plan will actually cost more than President Obama's!  Unless there is the repeal of EMTALA, the repeal of the laws that allow medical providers to bill two people at a different price based solely on how they pay.  Ryan's plan is a failure because it fails to address the primary causes of the cost distortion that we have seen over the last 30 years -- and all of them devolve into forcible cost-shifting enabled by govt.  Paul Ryan AKA:Bowhunter said, "There is a better approach: The budget the House recently passed saves Medicare, period.  First, the House plan protects today’s seniors from any disruptions. Our budget ensures no changes for those who are now 55 or older."-Paul Ryan.

That is a lie. Ryan's budget analysis shows that Medicare spending will rise more quickly under his proposal than Obama's!

Also, Ryan said this,"Here are the facts. Medicare is a critical program that helps people age 65 or older achieve health security. But it’s headed for a painful collapse. Independent experts and leaders in both parties agree that if we do nothing, Medicare will exhaust its trust fund in nine years, putting enormous pressure on the federal budget as health-care costs continue to rise." Thisis bullshit. There IS no trust fund. The money's already been spent.  That's the dirty secret that nobody wants to talk about, and Ryan has been in The House for plenty of terms to be a big part of it.  Now he wants to talk about "saving" it while at the same time putting forward a budget that actually increases Medicare spending. 

Paul Ryan:"Medicare is a top driver of these unsustainable costs. More than 75 percent of Medicare recipients -- that is, 35 million people -- receive what’s called the fee-for-service insurance plan. This means that Medicare reimburses doctors and hospitals for seniors’ health-care services. This system leads to higher costs and lower quality for two reasons: First, the patient is disconnected from the cost. Fifty years ago, Americans spent a lot less on health care than they do today, but the share they paid for directly was much larger. In 1960, patients paid for about half of their own health-care costs. Today, that share is down to just 12 percent, with the rest paid for indirectly, through third parties such as Medicare."

Actually, it's even worse.  Medicare (and Medicaid) both contain explicit and intentional cost-shifting.  By permitting this behavior (which is broadly illegal in the general case under Robinson-Patman where any sort of physical commodity is involved) in the medical industry Medicare and Medicaid grossly distort the medical system in this country.  Not only are those costs escalating but the cost-shifting is forcing up private medical expenses at rates that exceed what government is seeing, or admits to seeing.

Paul Ryan's stand on Medicare is merely another concerted and premeditated pronouncements of lies with the intent of selling yet another fraud to the American public.

5.  These traits personify the back-stabbing flip flopping, lying fool known as Paul Ryan: Fighting to defend the 2nd Amendment while challenging the 14th, 16th, 17th.  Tax breaks for the wealthiest at the expense of America's working class, elderly, and poor. Uniting on a mission: Privatizing Medicare and Social Security.  Banning abortions, de-funding planned parenthood.  Denying women control over their own bodies.  Aiming for immigrant “Self-Deportation”.  Distorting reality to achieve goals.  “Family Values”, as in Manson family values...hypocrisy!!! Waging “War on Women”  Rigging elections.

6.  Ryan embraces the extreme philosophy of Ayn Rand, an atheist. Ryan wants to raise taxes on the middle class, cut them for millionaires. He wants to end Medicare. He thinks Social Security is a 'ponzi scheme.' His budget would result in 4.1 million lost jobs in 2 years.He wants to eliminate Pell Grants for more more than 1 million students.He supports $40 billion in subsides for big oil. Paul Ryan has ownership stakes in companies that benefit from oil subsidies. He has claimed Romneycare has led to 'rationing and benefit cuts.' Ryan believes that Romneycare is 'not that dissimilar to Obamacare.' He had the audacity to accuse generals of lying about their support for Obama’s military budget.Ryan co-sponsored the aforementioned "personhood amendment", a radical, extreme, and psychotic belief that a human beings life begins during sex. He cites voting for war as "foreign policy experience.".....people, I'm not making this shit up. Do you really want this lunatic running our nation as Vice President? This dude makes Sarah Palin look like Einstein.  Remember Paul Ryan's 2011 townhall meeting? I do! Paul Ryan's only August 2011 appearance is at this $15 a ticket townhall, where he refuses to speak directly with his constituents, who are demanding real answers. SO what does he do instead of answering their questions? He has them arrested!

I can go on forever with this guy, but shit, Joe, if you can't tear Ryan a new asshole with what I've provided so far off of the top of my head, man, you deserve to lose, brother. Take care and God Bless all of you in Jesus Christ's name. Amen. Peace out.


P.S.- check out these websites for more info about this fucking crook, Paul Ryan: http://www.opensecrets.org/politici



Laters! Hope this stuff helps. I'll help out Barack the Renegade in his townhall debate, I hate Mitt Romney so much, and I was humiliated by Obama's performance. I can't have that shit.  I got Barack's back on this one, BIG TIME.

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